We create sanctuary through art and nature.

Chowaniec Projects visualizes climate action through art. We need to see ourselves in the climate change discussion. Our projects offer sites for considering the critical importance of sanctuary and self-care in our everyday lives. 

Our project highlights are here!

Chowaniec Projects x ArtFare

We’ve partnered with Artfare to connect with a global network of thriving local art communities. We’ve got some cool new work online. Come and see!

Stardust travel agency

Stardust Travel Agency is a one-on-one performance rooted in visualizing climate action through art. But it’s more than that - it’s a community. Send us your event details and we'll promote and share. Let’s all get connected to nature and sanctuary in our communities.

Cards and pins on sale

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experience STARDUST

Stardust, an immersive projection environment in a geodesic dome, and Stardust Travel Agency, a workshop and one-on-one performance, can come to you!